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Advise, Implement and keep it compliant

Investments in cyber security are at an all-time high and yet cyber-attacks are still happening with increasing numbers and greater sophistication than ever before. While today’s fast-paced technology innovation powers new strategic initiatives, it also creates new windows for cyber criminals. The attackers are not only targeting key financial assets and personal data, but also critical infrastructure components. Our security expert advisory team will provide a continuous vigilant and resilient approach to ensure your organization stays ahead of the imminent cyber -risk . We transform your security foot print so that your business can focus on what is most important for you as an organization.

We understand and believe that every enterprise security roadmap is unique; people, projects and processes across your organization must continually evolve to stay ahead of cyber attackers. The journey from being vulnerable to confidently telling your Board and audit committess of being protected can be a daunting and arduous journey to say the least.
With extensive and broad experience, the cyber advisory team at Massif Solutions can help you confidently undertake this journey with the fewest impediments and minimal pain. We can help in creating and executing both strategic and tactical initiatives, to ensure organizations attain Cyber security maturity and most importantly keep their businesses running and compliant.

Services Overview

  • Annual security planning.
  • Security strategy, vision and organizational goals.
  • Organizational risk acceptance.
  • Implementing security and compliance governance.
  • Compliance activities and communicating with regulatory groups.
  • Privacy and compliance.
  • Internal audit / Internal Security Control.
  • Secure Architecture.
  • BCDR – building cyber resiliency.
  • Executive cyber treat awareness program.