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Identity & Access Management – Keys to your kingdom

Identity and access management is one of the key pillars of cyber security from access provisioning – to – access termination. Also IAM needs to accommodate and adjust for ever expanding technology relationships across digital business initiatives. In short, with all the complexity involved, security and risk management should be prepared to adopt best practices for IAM program governance, managing user access and things across diverse platforms along with explosion IoT technologies at a fast pace. And that’s what Massif brings to you – A new idea and approach that would be effective in entirety from desktop logins to IoT’s.

We at Massif understand that not one identity management solution would be fit for all organizations and choosing from multiple vendor space can not only be exhausting but can also be risky. Our IDAM experts would understand your requirements, your landscape and would be able to provide best solution for your organization. Massif IDAM experts leverages latest technologies and best practices across IAM fundamentals, and can provide look ahead solution for your enterprise, so your organization can craft and implement an IAM vision and strategy for todays digital challenge.

Services Overview

  • Prepare your IAM processes and technology for digital transformation and cloud adoption.
  • Self service and automation of Access-to- termination process.
  • Privileged access management and federated SSO for on-prem/SAAS/Cloud infrastructure.
  • Identity compliance with Global Identity Architecture.