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IR Readiness – Translating plans into decisive action

When things go wrong, you need to be able to respond very quickly and decisively.This is imperative in order to protect your Customers and maintain your brand reputaion. We at Massif Solutions feel that IR readiness is like a fire-extinguisher which we “hope you never use ” but absolutely essential that it work like a charm when circumstances demand.

To build an effective cyber security incident response capability, it is prudent that you discern what you need to do before, during and after a data breach. The good news is that our cyber security experts at MassifSolutions can help establish those controls and processes.
Our experts have helped many private and government organizations to develop and maintain a robust IR plan. Our experts would help you build an IR run book that can used at the time of crisis and would work.

Services Overview

  • Clear declaration protocols (this is a crisis).
  • Crisis-specific planning (if ’this’ crisis, take ’these’ actions).
  • Clearly defined “freedom of action” (in absence of superior).
  • Clearly defined governance/ chain-of-command and coordination/ communication plans.
  • Clear alert and mobilization plans.
  • Clearly defined rules of escalation (if this happens, do this…).
  • Clearly defined roles (who should act in which instances?).
  • Before-the-fact crisis simulation/ “wargaming”.