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Pen Testing

Before determining your long-term security strategy, you have to assess what your current vulnerabilities are. Our team can help you understand and assess your security weaknesses by creating a custom penetration test to understand what security vulnerabilities exist within your current network and endpoint landscape. Our Security experts will expose vulnerabilities across your company’s perimeter as well as the entire endpoint ecosystem to help ascertain where you should be investing your security budget as part of a longer-term security strategic plan.

Our penetration testing service offers real-world simulation of how external threat campaigns would exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities in order to penetrate your network to gain access to your valuable data. We don’t use automated software to simply identify potential weaknesses; our security analysts outline a lucid plan to expose such vulnerabilities that enable these threat actors to access your company’s intellectual property. Upon completion of this service we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings and what we were able to obtain within your enterprise domain and provide remedies to close those security holes and vulnerabilities.

Services Overview

  • Perimeter Pen Testing and Network Pen Testing.
  • End-Point Pen Testing.
  • Active Directory Pen Testing.
  • Web Application Pen Testing.
  • 3rd party / Partner access.
  • Social engineering.
  • Eavesdropping (Network, wireless, and hardline).
  • Unauthorized physical access.