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Risk Assessment

Most medium and small organizations are unprepared for the impending risk of a cyber attack. Threat actors no longer target only large organizations or Government Institutions. The reality is that growing number of cyber crimes against mid and small businesses has become a major concern in today’s virtual and IoT world. The attacks are far more sophisticated then ever before. Safeguarding your data against unauthorized access, disclosure or misuse is now an integral part of maintaining operations and meeting increasingly rigorous data privacy compliance requirements.

Our team at Massif Solutions offers a comprehensive risk analysis based approach and a business-centric perspective to our customers. We develop customized strategies to protect information without limiting productivity.
Our security team can help you maintain your Information Security posture as your business and technology programs evolve by providing greater visibility and understanding of evolving risks.

Services Overview

  • Identify & locate key assets for the organization.
  • Evaluate key business risk scenarios.
  • Evaluate strengths/ weaknesses/opportunities/threats.
  • Educate and engage multifunctional teams.
  • Board ready risk analysis of specific scenarios.
  • Establish continuous risk measurement framework.