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vCISO Making GRC Simple, robust and compliant

What should I do in case of a data breach?
Are my Network and key company assets vulnerable?
Are my on-premise and Cloud applications secure from internal and external threats?
Do I have an Incident Response (IR) strategy in place?
Can I afford to hire a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or build my own Security team?
If these questions keep you awake during the night then it may be time to leverage the experienced CISO executives at Massif Solutions. Our team of senior CISO executives come from Fortune 500 companies with disparate experience across a wide range of platforms and security postures.

Our vCISO service can provide your company with the Information Security experience and skills necessary to establish an appropriate Security Strategy to tackle the questions above.
Our Execs and Senior Consultants have helped companies be compliant with a multitude of Security regulations such as PCI/DSS.

Services Overview

  • Guide you through annual security planning.
  • Be a readily available expert security resource saving you time and money.
  • Defining and implementing security and compliance governance.
  • Determining the level of acceptable risk.
  • Attend monthly or quarterly executive meetings and board meetings and provide other advisory input as required.
  • Help define Security policies & processes.
  • Help define security budgets and required security solutions.
  • Review and help to maintain internal security controls.
  • Defining security strategy and goals.
  • Coordinating compliance activities and communicating with regulatory groups.