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Vulnerability Management beyond your OS patches

We at Massif feel that VM is the foundation stone for a robust security program. Despite of being such an important aspect there is broad gap between awareness of vulnerability and effort prioritization to actually handle them. Vulnerability management is a continuous information security risk process which requires management oversight. We believe there are four high level processes that encompass vulnerability management- DRPR (Discovery, Reporting, Prioritization and Remediation). Each process and sub processes within it need to be part of a continuous cycle, focused on improving security and risk reduction of your enterprise.

We at massif can help to set-up and design a continuous vulnerability process without disrupting your business. We can help setting up an internal vulnerability process with roles and responsibilities for your organizations or we can work on your behalf to provide the discovery visibility, reporting , prioritizing and remediation.
Our Advise to our customers are always to first come up with the requirements and start with a small scope because in our view vulnerability management is far more complex then simply patching of your core infrastructure.

Services Overview

  • Set-up internal vulnerability management process or provide managed VM program for organizations.
  • Periodic external and internal Scan discovery and reporting.
  • Prioritization based on risk and impact of vulnerability for a particular asset (Not all assets are same, ex – an edge router vs kiosk system).
  • Set-up internal process for remediation or create managed remediation process for organizations.
  • This can be anywhere from patching-to-upgrade- to-decommission Or in some case to move platforms.